NEAT books

QuickBooks Online Organization

Often the most challenging part of owning a business is bookkeeping.  Having organized numbers is a must. Get Neat sets you up for success from the beginning! We’ll set  your company up in QuickBooks Online -set up the chart of accounts and products/services, connect your bank accounts, and customize the program specifically to your business needs. You’ll get to spend more time with your customers and grow your business.

More QuickBooks Online services….
  • QuickBooks Online Clean Up – reconcile and organize your numbers – your accountant will love you!
  • Transition from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online
  • Ready your books for tax time
  • 10-point check of your current QBO program – How Neat are your numbers?
  • Create bill paying, record keeping, and paper flow systems
  • Monthly QuickBooks Online Bookkeeping

NEAT office

Small Business and Home Office Organization

Your workspace is the hub of activity for your business. Having a home for everything is a must. Get Neat will analyze your workspace and its activities. What’s working? What’s not? What needs to happen where? Get Neat will create a space to rocket launch your productivity and efficiency. You’ll spend less time looking for your stapler and more time on creative brainstorming.

More workspace organizing services…..
  • Declutter and organize your desktop
  • Sort, purge, and organize your papers
  • Set up filing systems for papers and receipts
  • Create a system for the flow of incoming papers
  • Reconfigure your office layout
  • Organize your supplies

    Join the ranks of the organized. Get Neat.